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Our mission is to bring fungi derived psychedelic and medicinal products into the world that may potentially drive the next discovery phase of life changing medications to treat mental illness and other health conditions.



Cybin Corp is focused on furthering research and development of Psilocybin based medications through its wholly owned division, Serenity Life Sciences Inc.  Psilocybin is found in certain species of mushrooms and is a non-habit forming naturally occurring psychedelic compound.  Research is showing positive results for the treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, addictions, eating disorders, ADHD and other indications.

Medicinal Mushrooms

Our wholly owned division Natures Journey Inc operates the Journey™ brand and is focused on developing proprietary medicinal mushroom products that target mental wellness, immune boosting, detoxification and overall general health and wellness. 

Why Mushrooms?

Why now?

Fungi is more closely related to humans and other members of the animal kingdom than to plants and, partly because of this relative evolutionary closeness, many of the compounds they produce show physiological activity in humans as well as other animals.


Only 10% of fungi species are known and have been taxonomically classified as such there is enormous future medical research potential in fungi!


The renaissance of fungi based medication is upon us and certain mushroom extracts may potentially drive the next discovery phase of life changing medications to treat conditions that affect nearly 1 Billion people globally.


Global regulation is changing quickly and we believe that we are entering into a transformational phase where many of the future medications will be derived from Fungi.



Cybin Corp

Cybin Corp is developing products and protocols with some of the brightest minds in the psychedelic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sectors.

We are led by an experienced team who has run multiple clinical trials and has successfully brought many new drugs to market.

Our IP strategy revolves around psychedelic delivery mechanisms, synthetic compounds, extraction methods, isolation of chemical compounds, new drug formulations and protocol regimens.

We view psychedelic medicines derived from mushrooms as boosters for the brain that can potentially retrain thought processes and break negative patterns  all while looking at non-psychedelic medical mushroom extracts as the next wave of super nutraceuticals that can optimize overall health.  


Committed to driving the next discovery phase of life changing pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.

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