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Cybin Corp

Cybin Corp is advancing psilocybin research and IP for the medical  and nutraceutical sectors.  We are focused on becoming one of the first company’s in the world to simultaneously launch psilocybin medical and nutraceutical trials and products into a 100% legal jurisdiction where vast infrastructure is  already in place through our partners for clinical trials and product development.

The company is led by an experienced team who has run over 200 clinical trials and has successfully brought multiple new drugs to market.

We have a clear strategy to advance medical clinical trials and IP around indications such as depression, addiction and eating disorders which collectively affect over 760M people globally.

Our nutraceutical product strategy focuses on key jurisdictions where non hallucinogenic micro-dose based products can be clinically tested for safety and efficacy and can be sold to the general public for brain health and cognitive enhancement. 



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