Leading the Industry in Therapeutic Development Programs and Innovative Drug Delivery Systems

Our 3 Pillar Strategy


Novel Drug Discovery Platform

API Modification

Develop new APIs via selective modifications of tryptamine and phenethylamine-based scaffolds specifically to alter their pharmacokinetics without modifying their therapeutic potential.

Modifications involve replacing selective hydrogens with deuterium atoms.

Optimizing unique physicochemical attributes e.g. salts, crystal forms, co-crystals, etc.


Proprietary Drug Delivery Systems

Research and Develop

Efficient delivery system that attempts to bypass the liver metabolism with a direct path to the brain providing a faster onset.

Modified-release formulations with the potential to reduce side effects and to control exposure.

Dose control through proprietary device platform.

Delivery systems may be applied to many psychedelic compounds.


Innovative Treatment Regimen

Science Meets Technology

Software-based platform to gather clinical research data from psychedelic treatment.

Machine learning-based data analytics for improved patient outcomes.

Patient therapy and integration support.

Multiple Patents

Multiple patent filings cover a wide range of novel psychedelic compounds from different classes, including targeted structural modifications to improve the drug pharmacokinetic characteristics and safety profiles without altering their receptor binding. Novel drug delivery platform claims are expected to enable administration of the psychedelic drugs with faster onset of action, higher bioavailability by way of bypassing the liver metabolism and are expected to offer more control for better patient experience and optimized therapeutic outcomes.

Advancing Mental Healthcare through Evidence Based Therapeutics

Development Pipeline

*Partnershipdevelopment program with Catalent (NYSE:CTLT). Cybin will leverage the Zydistechnology which is regarded as one of the world’s best performing ODTs thatwould allow pre-gastric delivery and prevent first pass metabolism thus potentially improving thepharmacokinetic profile of the drug.

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