Cybin x Kernel

A New Frontier in Psychedelic Therapeutics

About the Partnership

Cybin will leverage Kernel’s Flow to quantify brain activity during psychedelic experiences in real time, adding an exciting dimension to its investigative work focused on developing breakthrough therapeutics for mental health disorders.

About Kernel Flow

Kernel Flow is a non-invasive brain interface which records realtime, cortical hemodynamics to establish precise patterns of brain activity. Our whole head coverage brain interface connects easily via USB-C and features:


Source detector pairs

690 nm 850nm


200 Hz

sampling frequency

The ability to collect quantitative data from our sponsored drug development programs with Kernel’s Flow is potentially game-changing in terms of our ability to measure where psychedelics work in the brain in real-time, and how we ultimately design our future therapeutics. This new cornerstone component of our sponsored clinical programs follows a record-setting capital raise, listing on the NEO Exchange and the acquisition of Adelia Therapeutics Inc., which added significant scientific capabilities, novel molecules, delivery mechanisms and intellectual property.

doug drysdale
ceo of cybin

Cybin’s visionary approach to understanding and treating mental illness through psychedelic pharmaceutical therapies opens a new frontier for addressing human health and wellness. This opportunity with Cybin will assist the transition from subjective self-reporting to longitudinal, quantitative measurements and insights, thereby offering the promise of data-driven, personalized treatment protocols that may significantly improve safety and efficacy.

Bryan Johnson
Founder and CEO of Kernel


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